Information on the purpose and work of the CSABC

In recent years, scientific evidence has been piling up against the theory of evolution and in favor of Biblical Creation. However, our news media and educational system will not abandon evolution without a battle. The theory has held sway for almost 150 years and, because it provides a way for some people to eliminate God from their thinking, every possible means will be used to bolster up this unscientific model.

In evolution there is no fall from perfection, no sin and no necessity for a Saviour. Evolution strikes at the very heart of our Christian faith. There are many scientific evidences which do not support evolution, yet it is taught as a fact to our children even in the early elementary grades in public school.

In 1963, eighteen Bible believing scientists in the United States formed the Creation Research Society to compile and publish the new scientific evidence against evolution and in favor of creation. The Creation Research Society now has over 1700 members, over 600 of these having Master's and PhD degrees in science.

At about the same time as the Creation Research Society was being formed, the Bible Science Association was formed to communicate this new information in laymen's language to churches, schools and the public in general.

In 1972, the Institute for Creation Research was established in California. This institute is staffed by some of the world's leading creation scientists and serves as a center for speakers, publications and textbooks in the creation field.

In 1967, the Bible Science Association of Canada (later called the Creation Science Association of Canada) was formed in British Columbia to carry out this type of ministry in Canada. Interest has spread across the country and there are now autonomous associations in every province. These non-profit educational organizations present a scientifically documented message which is vital to our Christian heritage since it strengthens the faith of Bible believing Christians. Our hope is also that many young people in our schools and colleges will be brought back to the Bible and to Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Our association provides speakers who will be glad to address meetings at churches, schools, civic functions, etc. We request the opportunity to display literature, solicit memberships and we would appreciate an offering for the support of this ministry at these meetings.

The statements of belief of the Association are as follows:

  • Divine design and purpose in nature, as opposed to an unorganized chance development.
  • A universal Noahian flood.
  • Christ as God and Man, as our ONLY Substitute and Saviour.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to compile scientific as well as Biblical evidence which supports creation and contradicts evolution and to communicate this information to schools, churches and the general public.


CSABC is firmly rooted in the knowledge that the Bible is the Word of God. We believe that as it is written in Genesis 1, God created the earth in six literal days and called it "very good". Man has wandered from the simple truths of scripture and has adopted fallacies that are used in the Scientific world to undermine the existence of God, the creation account, and ultimately the need of a Saviour. By standing by the Word of God, we believe that much can be accomplished in the Scientific world as well as the churches.


Through education, Children are taught in nearly every school across the nation falsehood and unsound Science as truth. Education can be a powerful tool to make a difference, and through this avenue we strive to debunk the theories, fallacies, and unsound scientific assumptions that are becoming accepted as fact and truth. Our statement is simple: That the Bible is backed up by sound Scientific data and research - and that the results point straight to an Intelligent Creator.


Researching, Studying, Presenting our finds. We are committed to researching and compiling Scientific and Biblical evidence that contradicts evolution.


We have a resource catalog which we update regularly with material that you can purchase. These can be used as education material as well.


By bringing guest speakers - Scientists, professors, and those who research Science and through it debunk evolution - to venues in British Columbia, we hope to spread more knowledge about Science and its relation to the Bible.


Funds are needed to support the activities of the Association (guest speakers, etc). Memberships are therefore solicited from those who subscribe to the objects and statements of belief of the Association. Annual membership apply. All members will automatically receive mailing news and information as well as notification of upcoming events.

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