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 For the younger set

A is for Adam (Ken and Mally Ham) This colourful rhyming story teaches children about creation and the gospel. Preschool to Grade 4.
Animal Kinds Buddy Davis In this delightful sing-and-learn-along DVD your kids will join children at the Creation Museum’s petting zoo as they learn about the amazing animal kinds God created. 30 minutes.
Creation Proclaims: Climbers and Creepers Jobe Martin As Dr. Martin interacts with wild animals, you will discover how creation proclaims the character, majesty, power and glory of our Creator God. 50 minutes
Creation Proclaims: Flight and Spike Jobe Martin Join Dr. Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” on a spectacular journey from deep inside the earth . . . to jungles and deserts . . . and to the farthest reaches of space.
Creation Proclaims: Silent Hunters Jobe Martin This is the third DVD in the Creation Proclaim series. Dr. Martin works with more animals to show how creation proclaims the character, majesty, power and glory of our Creator God.
Creation Celebration: The Amazing Creation Room (Moody) Children will love learning about God’s great creation through breath-taking imagery, sing-along songs and a cast of characters that charm and delight.
Creation Celebration: Countdown to Adventure This is a sequel to The Amazing Creation Room (see above)
Six Short Days, One Big Adventure Buddy Davis From a submarine deep under water to an airplane high above the earth, Buddy and his team use Biblical Reality glasses to reveal the unseen truth about God and the world around us. Ages 7-12. 35 minutes
D is for Dinosaur A colourful, animated reading of the exciting ‘D is for Dinosaur’ children’s book. (15 min.)
Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel Ken Ham answers common questions about dinosaurs and shows how they can be used to present the gospel. 2 DVDs including songs by Buddy Davis.
Hummingbirds and Beavers: Wonderfully Designed Denis Dreves This video was filmed in south-western BC and shows how the hummingbird and beaver were specially designed for their respective environments.
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution Jobe Martin Dr. Martin was a traditional evolutionist but powerful evidence from animal design convinced him of the truth of creation. Each video shows the fascinating design of six to eight different animals.
Marty’s Creation Adventure Series (ICR) Learn about our Creator, fossils, and dinosaurs all in an entertaining adventure with lots of laughs.
Marty’s Grand Adventure Marty embarks on an exiting research project in the Grand Canyon. Scientific evidence for creation and biblical truth are blended through Marty’s newest adventure.
Raising the Allosaur The incredible discovery of this dinosaur points to the fact that the creature is not millions but thousands of years old. (70 min.)
X-Nilo Show, The (Answers in Genesis) 28 min.
The Biblically based creationist response to popular children’s TV programs on science, which often are blatantly evolutionary! Children will enjoy the humour of the fast-paced and well-produced program and will learn how dinosaurs fit with the Bible.


Presenting the Relevance of Creation

Bible Explains Dinosaurs, The (Ken Ham) Discover what the Bible says about dinosaurs and how they can be used to present the gospel.
Challenges of a Multi-Ethnic Ministry, The (Charles Ware) Dr. Ware shares information from his books Prejudice and the People of God and Reuniting the Family of God.
Enjoy the Ride In this DVD, Kerby compares riding the rapids with handling the trials of life. People on the raft must follow their guide’s instruction and Christians must trust God’s word and follow His plan.
Faithful Messenger, The ICR This documentary contrasts the lives of Dr. Henry Morris and Charles Darwin, their critical turning-point decisions and the influence these choices had on the world. Each man committed himself to a worldview with enormous eternal consequences. 4 disc DVD set with approx. 5 hours viewing.
Genesis, Babel and the Chinese Language (Andy McIntosh) Learn how different languages originated and how the early history of Genesis is preserved in the Chinese characters.
Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture (Ken Ham) Discover how a proper approach to Genesis will make Christianity relevant to any culture.
Jesus: Fact or Fiction Inspirational Films Scientists, historians, philosophers and theologians answer over 50 of life’s toughest questions. Contributors include Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias, Paul Maier and William Dembski. The 94-minute Jesus film is also on the DVD.
Jesus in Genesis: The Messianic Prophecies (Jonathan Sarfati) See how the whole Bible, right from the beginning, points to Jesus Christ as God, man and Saviour.
Millions of Years, Where did the idea come from? Terry Mortenson This unique video introduces the men and the theories that helped popularize the idea of millions of years of Earth history. The issue is not science vs. religion but anti-Christian ideas vs. the clear teaching of Scripture. (65 min)
Reconciliation Rooted in Redemption and Guided by Revelation (Charles Ware) Dr. Ware shares his insights as senior pastor of the multicultural Crossroads Bible Church and co-founder of the Voices of Biblical Reconciliation.
Six Days and the Eisegesis Problem (Ken Ham) Ken shows what happens to the six days of creation when one reads his own ideas into Scripture rather than letting Scripture speak.
Six Days of Creation, The (Ken Ham) Ken shows that it is not a matter of how old is the earth but does God mean what He says.
They’re Not Just Stories Rod Martin Join Rod Martin on an interactive journey through the Old Testament, stopping along the way to see how God used ordinary men and women in extraordinary ways to paint the “big picture” that leads up to the gospel.
What the Genesis Text Really Says about Creation (Douglas Kelly) This program is a serious look at the earliest chapters of Genesis.
What the New Testament Really Says about Creation (Douglas Kelly) This companion DVD to the previous one shows that the New Testament has much to say about creation.
Where did God come From? (Ken Ham) In answering this common question, Ken teaches Christians the right way to defend their faith when they “argue” creation vs. evolution.
Why Won’t They Listen? (Ken Ham) In one of his most compelling presentations, Ken Ham explains why evangelism seems to be so difficult today - and he offers a Biblical solution.


For those with an average interst in science

A Question of Origins (APF) This visually rich production reveals conclusive evidence that the universe and all life were created by a Supernatural Being, the God of the Bible, our Creator. There are 8 languages on this DVD.
Aliens, UFOs and the Bible (Gary Bates) This illustrated lecture is a great introduction into the baffling mystery of UFOs.
Astounding Evidence for a Young Earth Bruce Malone Using unforgettable visual demonstrations this film reveals how both science and Scripture indicate that the earth is relatively young.
Astronomy and the Bible Mike Riddle An analysis of the scientific evidence for the big bang, the origin of stars and the age of the solar system. Includes interview with Danny Faulkner. (72+ min.)
Awesome Forces of God’s Creation, The Moody Institute of Science Discover how water, earth and wind reveal the power and glory of a Master Creator in this 3 DVD set. $6.00 rental
Case for a Creator, The Lee Strobel This is a remarkable film about Lee Strobel’s journey from spiritual skepticism to a profound faith in the God who has etched His indelible signature upon every galaxy and every living cell. (60 min + 40 min of extras)
Case for Christ, The Lee Strobel This film is Lee Strobel’s personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus. Strobel interviews experts with doctorates to establish the reliability of the historical records of Jesus’ life, teachings and resurrection.
Cougar: Ghost of the Rockies Filmmakers spent two years in the wilds of Idaho to produce this rare and intimate portrait of a five year old cougar and her three kittens. Through spectacular photography, the elusive cougar is revealed as both predator and guardian, a mysterious phantom in nature’s hidden world.
Creation/Evolution: Does it Matter What we Believe? Mike Riddle Discussion of seven Biblical truths that declare the Bible and evolution to be incompatible. Includes interviews with six creationist scientists. (64 min. of lecture + interviews)
Creation: Science Confirms the Bible is True Jason Lisle Using simple scientific observation, Dr. Lisle systematically dismantles Darwin’s claims and shows that the very things he used to propagate his beliefs undermine those beliefs.
Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World Filmed in South America, UK, North America, Australia and Europe, The Voyage features dramatic period recreations and stunning nature cinematography interwoven with scholars sharing their perspectives on the man and the controversy.
Darwinism versus Christ Richard Peachey On this DVD, Richard shows that it is intellectually contradictory to believe both evolution and creation.
Dating Fossils and Rocks Mike Riddle Discover the underlying assumptions in radioactive dating methods and why they are unreliable.
Dinosaurs and Creation Mace Baker Traces the history of dinosaurs from creation to modern times and shows how they fit into Earth history in a wa that is compatible with both science and Scripture.
Dinosaurs and the Bible Jason Lisle Dinosaurs have long been used to promote evolution. In this presentation, Dr. Lisle shows how to understand dinosaurs through “biblical glasses.”
Dinosaurs and the Bible Vance Nelson You will see photographic evidence that demonstrates that the evolutionary story about dinosaurs is clearly wrong while having most of your questions about dinosaurs answered.
Distant Starlight Jason Lisle How does light from distant galaxies reach Earth within the biblical time scale? In this illustrated presentation, Dr. Lisle discusses the nature of the “distant starlight problem” and some of the strengths and weaknesses of various proposed solutions.
Dolphins: Tribes of the Sea Exploration Films Travel the world to see how dolphin groups in different locations interact with human beings and visit researchers as they discover just how intelligent, clever and intuitive dolphins really are.
Evolution: The Grand Experiment Carl Werner This DVD coincides with the book of the same title. It clearly conveys how evolutionary theory fails on various levels. This episode documents many misleading museum displays, magazine articles and television documentaries. 59 minutes
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Ben Stein Ben Stein interviews educators and scientists that have been ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired for merely believing that there might be evidence of design in nature and that perhaps life is not just the result of random chance. This will open your eyes to the shocking lack of academic freedom in our society.
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made This illustrated lecture reveals the fascinating and complex design of the womb and the processes of reproduction.
Fire Below Us, The Michael Lienau This critically acclaimed video blends dramatic eyewitness accounts, reenactments and computer animation of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. 103 min.
The Flood Andrew Snelling This DVD presents several lines of evidence that confirm the biblical account of the global flood and that cannot be explained by evolutionary models.
Formed to Fly David Menton Evolutionists have long argued that birds evolved by chance from reptiles. Dr. Menton examines the feathers of birds and compares them to reptile scales. Unlike the dinosaurs, birds are truly formed to fly.
Fossil Record, The Mike Riddle Does the fossil record support evolution? Hear an analysis of famous alleged fossil intermediates and natural selection.
Four Power Questions Mike Riddle On this DVD Mike Riddle poses and answers four questions for evolutionists. The topics covered include the age of the universe, origin of life, dinosaurs and fossils.
From a Frog to a Prince Keziah A kiss from a princess can’t turn a frog into a prince, yet evolutionists claim that ancestral amphibians did change into people just by chance and natural selection. Four Ph.D. scientists challenge this claim.
From Evolution to Creation Gary Parker Dr. Parker’s personal testimony of his journey from evolutionist to creationist (60 min.)
Genesis Debate, The (Willis vs. Wieland) Experience the Willis/Wieland debate and see whose views are better supported by the evidence: an avowed atheist or a believer in a literal Genesis.
Geologic Processes and the Age of the Earth Vance Nelson You will see photographic evidence that demonstrates that canyons, strata, cave formations, coal and fossils do not require millions of years to form. Long periods of time are not necessary to explain the geology of our planet, just the right processes.
God of Wonders Eternal Productions This excellent DVD uses stunning photography of creation to display the wonders of God’s Power, Wisdom, Justice and Love.
Golden River: Secrets of the Amazon (Exploration Films) View one of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled places, host to some of the most remarkable and fascinating wildlife on earth. You will see through the lens of the finest wildlife photographers. 50 min.
Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye, The (David Menton) Dr. Menton escorts you on a journey into the marvelous intricacies of the human ear and eye.
Hidden World of Africa, The Exploration Films Remarkable photography reveals some of the hundreds of invertebrates that thrive and support lives far larger than their own. Discover the big wonders of small creatures. 50 min.
Image of God, The David Aikman Learn compelling new evidence that man was created in the image of God. View the fossil record and see for yourself that the facts support man as a special creation of God and not a highly evolved ape. 27 min.
Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial (David Menton) Discover the distortions and inaccuracies that the play and movie Inherit the Wind have propagated about the controversial Scopes trial.
Intricacies of Flight (Andy McIntosh) Flight is one of the most complex behaviours of animals. Learn how it demonstrates the need for a Creator.
Journey through Creation Sean Meek This presentation explores the controversy between creation and evolution and why it matters. The central beliefs of both sides are discussed and the consequences of a society dominated by the religion of Evolutionism are reviewed. Learn how to refute the fallacies of evolution. 50 min.
Life’s Story: the one that hasn’t been told Exploration Films In a wildlife program unlike any other seen, you will journey to discover the story of life itself. The program examines the long held beliefs that have been the foundation of natural selection for more than 150 years.
Life’s Story 2: the reason for the journey Exploration Films In this program you will learn about marine life, the complex behaviour of birds and the differences between apes, monkeys and humans. See the intricate designs of nature’s vast array of creatures and our place among them in this wonderfully created world.
Lions: Kings of Africa (Exploration Films) Wildlife cinematographers spent an entire year living among a lion pride in the Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania. You’ll witness many rare images of birth, life and death in the pride.
Moody Institute of Science Classics For more than 50 years the Moody Institute of Science has been capturing the magic of nature’s mysteries on film while showing how the wonders of creation reveal the majesty of God. The following titles are available:
City of the Bees, Dust or Destiny, Empty cities, Experience with an Eel, Facts of Faith, God of the Atom, God of Creation, Hidden Treasures, Journey of Life, Mystery of the Three Clocks, Of Books and Sloths, Prior Claim, Professor and the Prophets, Red River of Life, Signposts Aloft, Ultimate Adventure, Voice of the Deep, Windows of the Soul.
Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Creation This video shows actual photographs of Mount St. Helens before, during and after its 1980 eruption and discusses its significance for the Biblical Flood. (55 min.)
Mount St. Helens: A Big Bang For Creation Lloyd Anderson In this one-hour slide presentation, Lloyd Anderson describes four wonders of the 1980 eruptions of Mount St. Helens. The wonders are geological features formed quickly by catastrophic processes that shrink long ages of earth history to a biblical time scale.
Mysterious Islands, The The Galapagos Islands come alive in this film which brings a fresh perspective on the Theory of Evolution: is the Galapagos a laboratory for evolution or a testimony to the biblical account of creation? 90 minutes
New Answers DVD 1 This DVD contains interviews with contributors to the book of the same title answering twelve of the questions that are addressed in the book by the same name. 48 minutes
New Answers DVD 2 This DVD contains interviews with contributors to the book of the same title answering twelve of the questions that are addressed in the book by the same name. 48 minutes
New Answers DVD 3 This DVD contains interviews with contributors to the book of the same title answering twelve of the questions that are addressed in the book by the same name. 48 minutes
Noah’s Flood: Evidence in Australia (Tas Walker) While every continent as evidence a worldwide flood, the evidence in Australia is particularly significant.
Only One Race Ken Ham This video meets the racism issue head on. It addresses the questions of skin colour, origins of the nations, the curse of Ham and the influence of humanism and evolution on racist attitudes.
Origin of Humans, The Mike Riddle Learn about Lucy, Neanderthals and other supposed human ancestors in this informative, fast-moving presentation.
Origin of Life, The Mike Riddle Has life been created in the laboratory? This DVD discusses attempts to create life, DNA, information and computers. Includes interviews with three creationists. 63+ min.
Origin of Old-Earth Geology and Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century (2 DVDs) (Terry Mortenson) Dr. Mortenson shares essence of his doctoral thesis in these two informative DVDs.
Our Created Moon Donald DeYoung Dr. DeYoung looks at four of the most popular ideas evolutionists have to offer regarding the moon’s origin and logically concludes that this “lesser light” could only have been placed in its orbit by an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator. 39 minutes
Peachey/Goodman Debate CSABC vice-president debates a member of the BC Skeptics society with an audience of 300.
Privileged Planet Illustra Media Through stunning computer animation and spectacular images of Earth and the cosmos, this video demonstrates the need for an intelligent designer.
Riddle of the Dinosaurs An educational and entertaining lecture on dinosaurs for children. Mike Riddle equips the home viewer to answer the questions that arise about dinosaurs.
Rocks of Ages or Rock of Creation? Dr. Larry Vardiman explains the RATE project (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) that found exciting evidence that earth’s rocks may be only thousands of years old. 38 min.
Searching for the Truth on Origins Roger Oakland This 4-DVD set will answer your questions about origins based on the facts. The series also reveals the impact of the evolutionary view on human morality and spirituality from a biblical worldview. $6.00 rental
Ultimate Proof of Creation, The Dr. Jason Lisle In this refreshing and powerful DVD Dr. Lisle shows why secular worldviews cannot stand up to logical scrutiny and how only the Christian worldview can account for the world we live in. 58 minutes
Unlocking the Mystery of Life Illustra Media This video transports you into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design.
What is the Best Evidence that God Created? Carl Kerby This energetiv, eye-catching presentation on some of the most astounding evidences of God’s handiwork builds to an unforgettable conclusion – the best evidence is God’s Word itself. 45 min.
Where does the Evidence Lead? (Illustra Media) Excerpts from Unlocking the Mystery of Life in six 10-minute segments which challenge Darwinian evolution and present a powerful challenge to its validity.
Wildebeest: The Great African Migration (Exploration Films) The great wildebeest migration from the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is a spectacle of life and death witnessed by few humans… until now. This remarkable epic of survival is seen in vivid, riveting detail.
Wonders of God’s Creation, The Moody Institute of Science God has left His indelible signature on every member of His universe. You will see it on planet Earth, the animal kingdom and especially human life. $6.00 rental


For those with a scientific mind

Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The art of deception? (Don Batten) Dr. Batten deals with the claimed ‘apeman’ fossils in the evolutionary tree as promoted by the Smithsonian Institute and shows that the stories do not match the facts.
Biblical Geology: Properly understanding the rocks (Tas Walker) Learn how the message of the rocks agrees with the message of the Scriptures.
Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science? (Jonathan Sarfati) In this fascinating illustrated lecture, a Ph.D. chemist shows how the laws of real chemistry prevent non-living chemicals from arranging themselves into living cells.
Cloning, Stem Cells and the Value of Life Mike Riddle While addressing the ethical issues surrounding embryonic and adult stem cell research, Riddle deflates the myths and false reports given by the media. The value of human life is inescapable in his hard-hitting conclusion.
Code of Life Georgia Purdom Dr. Purdom clearly shows that “junk” DNA isn’t junk and that mutations and natural selection are headed in the wrong direction, corrupting and decreasing information in DNA, making evolution impossible.
Creation Astronomy (Jason Lisle) In this illustrated lecture, Dr. Lisle shows viewers that when the evidence of nature is understood properly, it lines up perfectly with the clear teachings of Scripture.
Did Neanderthals and Modern Humans Share a Common Gene Pool? (David Menton) Dr. Menton uses scientific evidence to answer this “modern” question.
Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things (Carl Wieland) This presentation shows clearly that the examples used to demonstrate that evolution is happening all around us are actually the opposite of what would support evolution.
Explosive Geological Evidence for Creation Bruce Malone From the rapid formation of vast rock layers to dinosaurs; from the origin of the ice age to coal formation; this talk shows how science supports a straightforward biblical perspective of earth history.
Frankenstein Foods and Fetuses (Don Batten) Is the genetic modification of our foods ethical, safe, wise, Biblical? What about cloning and stem cell research? Discover how researchers have been influenced by evolution.
Geologic Evidences for Very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon Steve Austin Strata, fossils, faults, erosion and volcanoes reveal Noah’s catastrophic flood at the Grand Canyon. (38 min.)
Geology and Cave Formation: A post-flood story (Emil Silvestru) This DVD explains how the Genesis account of a recent, worldwide flood explains most cave formations. They did not take millions of years to form.
Global Warming Through on-location interviews with leading Christian scientists, climatologists and other commentators, the politics of global warming are revealed. This balanced approach to a very “hot” subject will equip you with the information necessary to honour the Creator without worshipping the creation.
Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood This 55 minute video uses photography and computer graphics to explain how Grand Canyon is best understood in the light of phenomena associated with the Genesis flood.
Grand Canyon: Testimony to the Biblical Account Andrew Snelling This DVD explains the formation of the canyon in light of the global flood of Noah’s day, not slow and gradual processes. 55 minutes
Hubble, Bubble, Big Bang in Trouble (John Hartnett) This physicist argues persuasively that quasars are not massive objects at the universe’s edge but embryonic galaxies ejected from mature galaxies in our own neighbourhood.
How well Designed was Noah’s Ark? Werner Gitt Dr. Gitt shows that the dimensions of Noah’s ark were optimal for stability and efficient use of material.
Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains It, The Michael Oard Meteorologist Michael Oard examines the physical evidence, scrutinizes the secular theories and
shows that only the Bible sufficiently explains the mechanism necessary to produce and sustain the Ice Age.
Icons of Evolution ColdWater Media Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin. Discover that the most famous icons of evolution are based on outdated research and sloppy logic.
In the Beginning was Information Werner Gitt An information specialist shows that coded information can only come from an intelligent source. The DNA code is proof of an intelligent Designer.
“Junk” DNA is Not Junk (David DeWitt) Although some scientists think they have discovered some DNA in human cells that has no purpose, this video shows that all DNA serves the purpose for which God created it.
Lucy, she’s no Lady (David Menton) This DVD shows that the skeletal remains popularly known as ‘Lucy’ could not be human and therefore ‘Lucy’ is not our ancestor.
Mammoth and the Ice Age, The (Michael Oard) How did these hairy elephants survive their hostile environment and what suddenly killed them? Michael Oard unravels the baffling mystery of the Ice Age that followed the Biblical flood.
Origin of the Species: Was Darwin Right? Terry Mortenson Dr. Mortenson shows that natural selection and beneficial mutations do not support the theory of evolution. This DVD shows that real science always confirms that God’s Word is true.
Radioactive Decay Update: Breaking down the old-age paradigm (Keith Wanser) Dr. Wanser shows how the data from radioactive decay do not support an earth billions of years old.
Radioactive and Radiocarbon Dating Andrew Snelling Dr. Snelling examines the assumptions underlying radioactive dating methods and equips viewers with information to counter the anti-biblical arguments. 55 minutes
Radiohalos Andrew Snelling Dr. Snelling explains how these tiny halo patterns in crystalline rocks unlock a biblical understanding of radiometric dating and the age of the earth. 55 minutes
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth Steve Austin The principles, methods and data from radioisotopes are explained very simply to illustrate conflicting ideas on the age of the earth.
Rate Premier Conference ICR The latest research findings on radio-isotopes and the age of the earth are presented in this 2-DVD set. It is formatted so that the conference can be viewed in its entirety or one session at a time.
The Relevance of Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy for Young-Earth Creation (Keith Wanser) Many scientists say that nothing in science makes sense except in the light of evolution. Dr. Wanser shows just the opposite in this interesting DVD.
Rocks and Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years? (Emil Silvestru) Dr. Silvestru explains the assumptions that govern what geologists pretend to see in the rock record. A Biblical model makes much more sense of the rocks we find today.
Rocks around the Clock Emil Silvestru This DVD explores geological anomalies that do not support the theory of evolution.
Rock Strata, Fossils and the Flood Andrew Snelling Using six main geologic evidences, Dr. Snelling demonstrates that a global flood would produce billions of dead plants and animals buried and fossilized in sand, mud and lime that were deposited rapidly by water in rock layers all over the earth.
Starlight and Time Rusell Humphries See the spectacular 3D imagery how big bang and creation cosmologies differ and why the evidence supports a recent creation of the universe.
Thousands not Billions This compelling documentary summarizes eight years of research by a team of scientists whose goal was to explore the age of the earth from a biblical perspective.
Wild, Wild Weather: The Genesis Flood and the Ice Age Dr. Larry Vardiman Research indicates that the ice age can be explained by hot oceans and cold continents after the Flood.

Creation 2003 Conference Answers in Genesis Biology Set (5 Parts) -Did Neanderthals Sod Modern Humans Share a Common Gene Pool? (Dr. David A. DeWitt) 50 m. -The Hearing Ear (and the Seeing Eye) (Dr. David Menton) 74 min. -The Intricacies of Flight (Dr. Andy McIntosh) 60 min. -'JUNK' DNA Is Not Junk (Dr. David A. DeWitt) 56 min. -LUCY, She's No Lady! (A Critique by Dr. David Menton) 58 min.

Relevance Set (10 parts) -The Challenges of a Multiethnic Ministry (Dr. Charles Ware) 72 min. -Genesis, Babel & The Chinese Language (Dr. Andy McIntosh) 55 min. -Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture (Ken Ham) 80 min. -Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the SCOPES TRIAL (Dr. David Menton) 74 min. -Reconciliation Rooted in Redemption and Guided by Revelation (Dr. A. Charles Ware) 65 m. -The Relevance of Physics, Cosmology & Astronomy for Young-Earth Creation (Dr. Keith Wanser) 70 m. -six Days & The Eisegesis Problem (Ken Ham) 75 min. : -What the GENESIS TEXT Really Says About Creation (Dr. Douglas Kelly) 73 min. -What the NEW TESTAMENT Really Says About Creation (Dr. Douglas Kelly) 77 min. -Why Won't They Listen? Reaching a LOST culture (Ken Ham) 70 min.

Geology Set (11 parts) -Radioisotopes & the AGE of the EARTH (Dr. Steven Austin) 38 min. -Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks (Dr. Tas Walker) 38 min. -Geology & Cave Formation: A Post-Flood Story (Dr. Emil Silvestru) 71 min. -Geologic EVIDENCES for very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon-(Dr. Seven Austin) 57 min' -The Origin of Old-Earth Geology & Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century, Part 1 (Dr. Terry Mortenson) 53 min. -The Origin of Old-Earth Geology & Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century, Part 2 (Dr. Terry Mortenson) 70 min. -NOAH'S FLOOD: Evidence in Australia (Dr. Tas Walker) 62 min. -RADIOACTIVE Decay Update: Breaking Down the Old-Age Paradigm (Dr. Keith Wanser) 52 m. -ROCKS & AGES: Do They Hike Millions of Years? (Dr. Emil Silvestru) 65 min. -Rocks of Ages of Rock of CREATION? (Dr. Larry Vardiman) 60 min. -WILD, WILD WEATHER: The Genesis Flood & the Ice Age (Dr. Larry Vardiman) 60 min.

CREATION MINI-SERIES WITH KEN HAM 1. Where did GOD come from? Defending Creation in a Scientific Age (50 min.) 2. The SIX days of Creation. A Young Earth is NOT the Issue! (50 min.) 3. The BIBLE explains dinosaurs. The Real History of Dinosaurs (50 min.) 4. Only ONE race. The Scientific and Biblical Case Against Racism (50 min.) 5. WHY won't they listen? The Power of Creation Evangelism (50 min.)