Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The art of deception?

Don Batten

Dr. Batten deals with the claimed ‘apeman’ fossils in the evolutionary tree as promoted by the Smithsonian Institute and shows that the stories do not match the facts.

Biblical Geology: Properly understanding the rocks

Tas Walker

Learn how the message of the rocks agrees with the message of the Scriptures.

Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science?

Jonathan Sarfati

In this fascinating illustrated lecture, a Ph.D. chemist shows how the laws of real chemistry prevent non-living chemicals from arranging themselves into living cells.

Cloning, Stem Cells and the Value of Life

Mike Riddle

While addressing the ethical issues surrounding embryonic and adult stem cell research, Riddle deflates the myths and false reports given by the media. The value of human life is inescapable in his hard-hitting conclusion.

Code of Life

Georgia Purdom

Dr. Purdom clearly shows that “junk” DNA isn’t junk and that mutations and natural selection are headed in the wrong direction, corrupting and decreasing information in DNA, making evolution impossible.

Creation Astronomy

Jason Lisle

In this illustrated lecture, Dr. Lisle shows viewers that when the evidence of nature is understood properly, it lines up perfectly with the clear teachings of Scripture.

Did Neanderthals and Modern Humans Share a Common Gene Pool?

David Menton

Dr. Menton uses scientific evidence to answer this “modern” question.

Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things

Carl Wieland

This presentation shows clearly that the examples used to demonstrate that evolution is happening all around us are actually the opposite of what would support evolution.

Explosive Geological Evidence for Creation

Bruce Malone

 From the rapid formation of vast rock layers to dinosaurs; from the origin of the ice age to coal formation; this talk shows how science supports a straightforward biblical perspective of earth history.

Frankenstein Foods and Fetuses

Don Batten

Is the genetic modification of our foods ethical, safe, wise, Biblical? What about cloning and stem cell research? Discover how researchers have been influenced by evolution.

Strata, fossils, faults, erosion and volcanoes reveal Noah’s catastrophic flood at the Grand Canyon.

Steve Austin

Geologic Evidences for Very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon.  (38 min.)

Geology and Cave Formation: A post-flood story

Emil Silvestru

This DVD explains how the Genesis account of a recent, worldwide flood explains most cave formations. They did not take millions of years to form.

Global Warming

Through on-location interviews with leading Christian scientists, climatologists and other commentators, the politics of global warming are revealed. This balanced approach to a very “hot” subject will equip you with the information necessary to honour the Creator without worshipping the creation.

Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood

This 55 minute video uses photography and computer graphics to explain how Grand Canyon is best understood in the light of phenomena associated with the Genesis flood.

Grand Canyon: Testimony to the Biblical Account

Andrew Snelling

This DVD explains the formation of the canyon in light of the global flood of Noah’s day, not slow and gradual processes. 55 minutes

Hubble, Bubble, Big Bang in Trouble

John Hartnett

This physicist argues persuasively that quasars are not massive objects at the universe’s edge but embryonic galaxies ejected from mature galaxies in our own neighbourhood.

How well Designed was Noah’s Ark?

Werner Gitt

Dr. Gitt shows that the dimensions of Noah’s ark were optimal for stability and efficient use of material.

Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains It, The

Michael Oard

Meteorologist Michael Oard examines the physical evidence, scrutinizes the secular theories and
shows that only the Bible sufficiently explains the mechanism necessary to produce and sustain the Ice Age.

Icons of Evolution

ColdWater Media

Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin. Discover that the most famous icons of evolution are based on outdated research and sloppy logic.

In the Beginning was Information

Werner Gitt

An information specialist shows that coded information can only come from an intelligent source. The DNA code is proof of an intelligent Designer.

“Junk” DNA is Not Junk

David DeWitt

Although some scientists think they have discovered some DNA in human cells that has no purpose, this video shows that all DNA serves the purpose for which God created it.

Lucy, she’s no Lady

David Menton

This DVD shows that the skeletal remains popularly known as ‘Lucy’ could not be human and therefore ‘Lucy’ is not our ancestor.

Mammoth and the Ice Age, The

Michael Oard

How did these hairy elephants survive their hostile environment and what suddenly killed them? Michael Oard unravels the baffling mystery of the Ice Age that followed the Biblical flood.

Origin of the Species: Was Darwin Right?

Terry Mortenson

Dr. Mortenson shows that natural selection and beneficial mutations do not support the theory of evolution. This DVD shows that real science always confirms that God’s Word is true.

Radioactive Decay Update: Breaking down the old-age paradigm

Keith Wanser

Dr. Wanser shows how the data from radioactive decay do not support an earth billions of years old.

Radioactive and Radiocarbon Dating

Andrew Snelling

Dr. Snelling examines the assumptions underlying radioactive dating methods and equips viewers with information to counter the anti-biblical arguments. 55 minutes


Andrew Snelling

Dr. Snelling explains how these tiny halo patterns in crystalline rocks unlock a biblical understanding of radiometric dating and the age of the earth. 55 minutes

Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth

Steve Austin

The principles, methods and data from radioisotopes are explained very simply to illustrate conflicting ideas on the age of the earth.

Rate Premier Conference


The latest research findings on radio-isotopes and the age of the earth are presented in this 2-DVD set. It is formatted so that the conference can be viewed in its entirety or one session at a time.

The Relevance of Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy for Young-Earth Creation

Keith Wanser

Many scientists say that nothing in science makes sense except in the light of evolution. Dr. Wanser shows just the opposite in this interesting DVD.

Rocks and Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years?

Emil Silvestru

Dr. Silvestru explains the assumptions that govern what geologists pretend to see in the rock record. A Biblical model makes much more sense of the rocks we find today.

Rocks around the Clock

Emil Silvestru

 This DVD explores geological anomalies that do not support the theory of evolution.

Rock Strata, Fossils and the Flood

Andrew Snelling

Using six main geologic evidences, Dr. Snelling demonstrates that a global flood would produce billions of dead plants and animals buried and fossilized in sand, mud and lime that were deposited rapidly by water in rock layers all over the earth.

Starlight and Time

Rusell Humphries

See the spectacular 3D imagery how big bang and creation cosmologies differ and why the evidence supports a recent creation of the universe.

Thousands not Billions

This compelling documentary summarizes eight years of research by a team of scientists whose goal was to explore the age of the earth from a biblical perspective.

Wild, Wild Weather: The Genesis Flood and the Ice Age

Dr. Larry Vardiman

Research indicates that the ice age can be explained by hot oceans and cold continents after the Flood.

Creation 2003 Conference Answers in Genesis Biology Set

(5 Parts)

Did Neanderthals Sod Modern Humans Share a Common Gene Pool? (Dr. David A. DeWitt) 50 m. -The Hearing Ear (and the Seeing Eye) (Dr. David Menton) 74 min. -The Intricacies of Flight (Dr. Andy McIntosh) 60 min. -‘JUNK’ DNA Is Not Junk (Dr. David A. DeWitt) 56 min. -LUCY, She’s No Lady! (A Critique by Dr. David Menton) 58 min.

Geology Set

11 parts

Radioisotopes & the AGE of the EARTH (Dr. Steven Austin) 38 min. -Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks (Dr. Tas Walker) 38 min. -Geology & Cave Formation: A Post-Flood Story (Dr. Emil Silvestru) 71 min. -Geologic EVIDENCES for very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon-(Dr. Seven Austin) 57 min’ -The Origin of Old-Earth Geology & Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century, Part 1 (Dr. Terry Mortenson) 53 min. -The Origin of Old-Earth Geology & Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century, Part 2 (Dr. Terry Mortenson) 70 min. -NOAH’S FLOOD: Evidence in Australia (Dr. Tas Walker) 62 min. -RADIOACTIVE Decay Update: Breaking Down the Old-Age Paradigm (Dr. Keith Wanser) 52 m. -ROCKS & AGES: Do They Hike Millions of Years? (Dr. Emil Silvestru) 65 min. -Rocks of Ages of Rock of CREATION? (Dr. Larry Vardiman) 60 min. -WILD, WILD WEATHER: The Genesis Flood & the Ice Age (Dr. Larry Vardiman) 60 min.

Geology Set

11 parts

CREATION MINI-SERIES WITH KEN HAM 1. Where did GOD come from? Defending Creation in a Scientific Age (50 min.) 2. The SIX days of Creation. A Young Earth is NOT the Issue! (50 min.) 3. The BIBLE explains dinosaurs. The Real History of Dinosaurs (50 min.) 4. Only ONE race. The Scientific and Biblical Case Against Racism (50 min.) 5. WHY won’t they listen? The Power of Creation Evangelism (50 min.)

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