Presenting the Relevance of Creation

Bible Explains Dinosaurs, The

Ken Ham
Discover what the Bible says about dinosaurs and how they can be used to present the gospel.

Challenges of a Multi-Ethnic Ministry, The

Charles Ware
Dr. Ware shares information from his books Prejudice and the People of God and Reuniting the Family of God.

Enjoy the Ride

In this DVD, Kerby compares riding the rapids with handling the trials of life. People on the raft must follow their guide’s instruction and Christians must trust God’s word and follow His plan.

Faithful Messenger, The 

This documentary contrasts the lives of Dr. Henry Morris and Charles Darwin, their critical turning-point decisions and the influence these choices had on the world. Each man committed himself to a worldview with enormous eternal consequences. 4 disc DVD set with approx. 5 hours viewing.

Genesis, Babel and the Chinese Language

Andy McIntosh
Learn how different languages originated and how the early history of Genesis is preserved in the Chinese characters.

Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

Ken Ham
Discover how a proper approach to Genesis will make Christianity relevant to any culture.

Jesus: Fact or Fiction

Inspirational Films
Scientists, historians, philosophers and theologians answer over 50 of life’s toughest questions. Contributors include Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias, Paul Maier and William Dembski. The 94-minute Jesus film is also on the DVD.

Jesus in Genesis: The Messianic Prophecies

Jonathan Sarfati
See how the whole Bible, right from the beginning, points to Jesus Christ as God, man and Saviour.

Millions of Years, Where did the idea come from?  

Terry Mortenson
This unique video introduces the men and the theories that helped popularize the idea of millions of years of Earth history. The issue is not science vs. religion but anti-Christian ideas vs. the clear teaching of Scripture. (65 min)

Reconciliation Rooted in Redemption and Guided by Revelation

Charles Ware
Dr. Ware shares his insights as senior pastor of the multicultural Crossroads Bible Church and co-founder of the Voices of Biblical Reconciliation.

Six Days and the Eisegesis Problem

Ken Ham
Ken shows what happens to the six days of creation when one reads his own ideas into Scripture rather than letting Scripture speak.

Six Days of Creation, The

Ken Ham
Ken shows that it is not a matter of how old is the earth but does God mean what He says.

They’re Not Just Stories

Rod Martin
Join Rod Martin on an interactive journey through the Old Testament, stopping along the way to see how God used ordinary men and women in extraordinary ways to paint the “big picture” that leads up to the gospel.

What the Genesis Text Really Says about Creation

Douglas Kelly
This program is a serious look at the earliest chapters of Genesis.

What the New Testament Really Says about Creation

Douglas Kelly
This companion DVD to the previous one shows that the New Testament has much to say about creation.

Where did God come From?

Ken Ham
In answering this common question, Ken teaches Christians the right way to defend their faith when they “argue” creation vs. evolution.

Why Won’t They Listen?

Ken Ham
In one of his most compelling presentations, Ken Ham explains why evangelism seems to be so difficult today – and he offers a Biblical solution.
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