MUTATIONS DON’T HELP EVOLUTION! ". . . I am still not convinced there is a single, crystal-clear example of a known mutation which unambiguously created information. There are certainly many mutations which have been described as 'beneficial', but most of these beneficial mutations have not created information, but have rather destroyed it. For illustration, some of us (like me) would view a broken car alarm as 'beneficial'. However, such random changes, although they might be found to be 'desirable', still represent a breakdown — not the creation of a new functional feature. Information decreases. This is the actual case, for example, in chromosomal mutations for antibiotic resistances in bacteria, where cell functions are routinely lost. The resistant bacterium has not evolved — in fact it has digressed genetically and is defective."— John Sanford, genetics professor and researcher in plant genetic engineering, Cornell University
(Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome. Lima, NY: Elim Publishing, 2005, p. 17)
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